UPDATE 4/20/2010
Sorry we were down for a while. We had an issue with our domain name registrar. I have moved the domain to a different registrar and this problem should not happen again. So, yeah, believe it or not we are still around!

UPDATE 12/31/2006
GenericMUD is back up at genericmud.com 4000!
The website for GenericMUD is currently under construction. Please check out our mud by initiating telnet to genericmud.com port 4000 - or by clicking here.

GenericMUD is now Pueblo enhanced! We have a few Pueblo enhancements for the Pueblo MUD client that allows us to have graphics and sounds incorperated into GenericMUD. We hope to eventually have GenericMUD to a point where it is rich with all sorts of multimedia. If you are running MS Windows 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, XP, or NT, you can download the client from here:
Pueblo MUD Client (Download from genericmud.com)

What's this? A new version of the Pueblo client? Yes! There is a company called Ultra Enterprises that is updating and enhancing the client. It's called Pueblo/UE, and you can download it by clicking on the button below:
If the button above does not work, click here to go to the Pueblo/UE website.

You may connect to GenericMUD with the Pueblo client just as you connect to it with telnet, the hostname is genericmud.com and the port is 4000.